The History

Pavesio e Associati traces its roots back to 1983 when Carlo Pavesio joined Guido Brosio and Roberto Casati at Magrone Pasinetti Gorla Brosio e Casati, and then in 1990 to Brosio Casati e Associati in which Carlo Pavesio was one of the co-founding partners. In 1998 Brosio Casati e Associati merged with Allen & Overy. Carlo Pavesio was a partner of Allen & Overy until 31 December 2006. All of the partners and many of the associates of Pavesio e Associati were also formerly part of Allen & Overy.


Pavesio e Associati started practicing on 1 January 2007. The firm prides itself on being a group of lawyers which has been working together for many years and which share the view that a partnership is an essential instrument for providing legal services open to the world of business and close to the needs of its clients both nationally and internationally.


After a ten-year cooperation agreement with Allen & Overy and in sign of continuity of the firm’s international relations, Pavesio e Associati consolidated a network of corresponding law firms around the world so that the lawyers and clients of the firm receive the highest quality professional assistance in all the major cities.


Pavesio e Associati with Negri-Clementi starts from the 1st of January 2021. The joint, sealed by the renovation of the firm’s logo, establishes a solid connection between Turin and Milan, developing current network and integrating professional skills.


The joint between these two firms, leaders respectively in their own areas of activity, Turin and Milan, aims to give life to a new model of an even more structured and consolidated firm capable of enhancing excellence and creating synergies guaranteeing the quality of the offer, integrated multidisciplinary solutions and sophisticated tailor-made services.


This integration is a meaningful step in the growth path, not only because of the expansion in Milan, but also because of the strengthening of specialized skills such as ‘commercial and corporate law’ and ‘art law and art consulting’, two practices for which Negri-Clementi is recognized as experienced, professional and competent and which integrate perfectly with the consolidated activity of the firm in these sectors.