Art Law and Art Consulting

Art Law is a new practice that involve an ever-increasing number of private and corporate entities. The art team provides a tailor-made and complete service with specialized advice and assistance in the art sector, orienting its clients in the ancient, modern and contemporary art markets. Thanks to many years of experience in the sector, the firm boasts collaborations with a network of partners that stands out for its talent and professionalism.


The team of experts in art law and art consulting offers independent, confidential and targeted solutions for the creation, management, enhancement, protection and maintenance of the artistic heritage of its clients. The firm addresses foundations, archives, galleries, auction houses, associations, fairs, public and private cultural institutions and institutions, artists, collectors and art lovers, providing them with judicial and non-judicial assistance and advisory on a national and international level.


In the art law field, the lawyers assist regularly on issues such as:


  • due diligence on individual works of art, antiques, collector’s items and/or entire collections (the “Work”);
  • consultancy, assistance and support in relation to the preparation, revision and possible negotiation of the terms and conditions, including economic ones, of the various instrumental contracts, as well as the procedural, bureaucratic and insurance aspects and whatever else is necessary, to lead the Work’s buying and selling process;
  • assistance in drafting sales, insurance, transport, custody, deposit, loan and rental contracts for exhibitions and shows;
  • donations, inheritances, acts of liberality and generational transfers of the Work;
  • advisory, assistance and support in the establishment of foundations, trusts and benefit companies or other vehicles of the Work;
  • management of relationships and assistance in the procedural process with the MiBACT in case of handling, export and/or temporary or definitive import, sale, compulsory purchase, pre-emption purchase by the Italian State of art works declared of exceptional interest;
  • temporary or permanent export and import of art works from and to Italy;
  • advisory, assistance and support in the practice of archiving the art work through the management of relationships with foundations and artist archives and legal protections for the authenticity of the same;
  • resale right;
  • cultural sponsorships and other forms of patronage;
  • protection of the brand and museum merchandising;
  • donations in the cultural field;
  • assistance and support in voluntary disclosure;
  • assistance and support in art lending operations.

The professionals of Pavesio e Associati with Negri-Clementi suggest to their clients the best practice to follow, guiding and supporting the client until the end of the journey. This includes the determination of personalized management and enhancement strategies, the protection and maintenance of artistic heritage, as well as technical-logistic and insurance consultancy (transport, custody and restoration), with regard to individual works of art or entire collections.