The bringing together of people with different and sometimes opposing interests requires a patient and diligent study of all the facts and the ability to be creative and innovative – with an in-depth knowledge of the laws – to answer the present and future needs of clients.


The legal practice of Pavesio e Associati combines national and international best practices. Pavesio e Associati focuses on assisting corporations and financial institutions with the set up and management of their relationships with the various stakeholders, their reorganisation and restructuring processes and the expansion of their businesses as in Italy and abroad.


The practice of Pavesio e Associati is therefore primarily based on corporate and commercial law, labour and competition law, administrative law as well as banking and financial law. As far as litigation is concerned, Pavesio e Associati assists Italian and foreign clients in civil, commercial and labour disputes as well as in national and international arbitration proceedings. The firm also has significant experience in setting up trusts and other similar legal structures, in real estate transactions and in the renewable energy market.