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Carlo Pavesio, round table at “Arbitration Course”, organized by the

Arbitration Course

Carlo Pavesio, introduction to and moderator of the “Arbitration Course”,

Profession under attack: impact of the changes in legal services on legal ethics

Carlo Pavesio, “Building the Law Firm of the Future”, presented

What is a trust, how a trust works and law of trusts

Carlo Pavesio, “Training course on the legal instruments for the

Arbitration Course

Carlo Pavesio, Introduction to and Moderator of the “Arbitration Course”,

Dear Minister, dear Government, if you do not know where to start, please read here

Emiliano Rossi, proposals to the new Minister of Cultural Heritage

Shareholders’ Rights in Agency’s Conflicts: The Updated EU Discipline and the US “Model”

Federico Riganti, speaker at CELSE 2018 – second Conference on

Stress, mental health and security measures at the workplace

Vittorio Torazzi, speaker at the annual conference of the IBA